ThunderLeash the No Pull Leash
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All-In-One Solution
ThunderLeash eliminates the need for an additional harness

“As a professional dog trainer, I’ve sold the ThunderLeashes to owners whose dogs are good walkers until they get into squirrel country or crowded areas- they can quickly ‘wrap’ their dog for more control.  Also, the owners of large breed puppies appreciate the ThunderLeash because they do not have the expense of buying 4-5 harnesses as their puppy rapidly grows from 20 to 100 lbs."


Karen Kennedy
KK Good Dog Training
Dallas, TX

ThunderLeash is the simpler "No-Pull" solution!

The innovative hardware turns a leash into a “no pull” harness instantly. The safe pressure greatly reduces pulling with no need for a harness. Professional dog trainer recommended.          100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Easiest "No-Pull" Solution
ThunderLeash's gentle pressure stops unwanted pullings with most dogs nearly instantly

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If for some reason you are not satisfied with the ThunderLeash, return it for a full refund!

Great For Training
Works like a normal leash or quickly converts to a "No-Pull" solution when needed

Very Easy to Put On
Unlike standard harnesses the ThunderLeash is quick and easy to put on

Free ThunderToy With Purchase!


Converts from a regular leash to a "No-Pull" harness in one simple motion!

Watch the ThunderLeash go from standard leash configuration to a "No-Pull” harness!

Get a FREE ThunderToy With Purchase!

ThunderLeash, The simpler No Pull Solution

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